Unit 4

I. Introducing oneself (part 2)

  1. Kiss Anna vagyok. Magyar vagyok. Diák vagyok. 23 éves vagyok.

    I am Anna Kiss. I am Hungarian. I am a student. I am 23 years old.

  2. Hány éves Anna?
    23 éves.

    'How old is Anna?'
    'She's 23.'

  3. Mi a foglalkozása?

    'What's her job?'
    'She is a student.'

  4. Hány éves vagy?

    'How old are you?'

  5. Hány éves vagy?
    43 éves vagyok.

    'How old are you?'
    'I am 43 years old.'

  6. Mi a foglalkozásod?
    Tanár vagyok.

    'What is your occupation?/What do you do?'
    'I am a teacher.'

  7. Mi a foglalkozása?
    Vállalkozó vagyok.

    'What is your occupation?'
    'I am an entrepreneur.'

Question: Why are the questions in 1.c) and 2.d) are the same though in the first case the question is about Anna ("she") and in the second case the question is about "you"? Click here to check your answer.

Note: In Hungarian you need to use the definite article before the word in the possessive case. That is, if you translate the phrase "your job" in Hungarian ("a foglalkoz á sod"), it will be "the your job" in English.

For more occupation names check the appendix (coming soon).

Practice saying the dialogues after the pattern; then practice the dialogues with other numbers and other occupation names.